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Wiglaf and Security Were

Security is still outside pouting and Lance is long gone. They might have to hunt him down for that tour. Lol.

He’s the only one working today. :P

Edit: I crashed on Friday. I did not have the energy to turn on my desktop to draw…but in fun news, Final Fantasy VII Remake released a new trailer and it is amazing. I’m so excited. :D I’ll see you for WaM on Sunday~


Mercy of mercies. These two act like brothers… there’s no chance of them being cousins is there? Like Wiglafs mom is related to Mordred’s dad and they’ve been keeping secret about it? It would explain why Mr. G did allow Wiglaf to be the stable boy and validate the suspicion of Wiglaf’s dads that Wiglaf got his abilities from his moms’ side of the family. Mr. G did show similar physic defying feats when he fought Wiglaf’s artifact possessed dad.


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