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Wiglaf Bought That Shirt

The title’s referring to the pink shirt.

I don’t have much else to say about this strip. XD I’m too busy watching House Season 3 (*hugs dvd set*) to think of anything witty.

House & Wilson = Love. I watch House for those two; I really do. Though the others have their moments. *also sends hugs to Chase, Cameron and Foreman*


Should I be afraid as to why he’s so stubborn when it comes to that scarf, or is it just one of those things you can’t leave without?

Whatever the reason, Mordred’s reaction to Wiglaf saying it was ‘misplaced’ was priceless. I especially love his expression for it, in the third panel.


Ah, House…good stuff. ^_^

I like Mordred’s expression in the first panel as he’s digging through all the clothes. It’s the kind of annoyed, frustrated look we can all relate to whenever we lose something that we know was right there a minute ago. And his grouchiness really comes through with his lashing out at Wiglaf for no reason. XD


He cannot be in a storyline without his full character design!

I started watching House a few weeks ago, discovered it was a fun show to listen to while tableting. And it’s on like all the time.


Aw, it ain’t no big mystery…. the laundry-person just took it to wash because there’s no other time Mordred takes it off. ^_^ It must get really, REALLY grungy after a while.

Beautiful angles in this one, Liliy. The comic suddenly got certain depth!

Er… I just had a disturbing thought. Is the bar stool in the bathroom, or outside of it?


Yikes. Thank you for that clarification.

…I think I know what happened. And shame on Mordred for such inattentiveness for the duration of his ablutions!


“ablution |əˈbloō sh ən|
noun (usu. ablutions)
the act of washing oneself (often used for humorously formal effect) : the women performed their ablutions.
• a ceremonial act of washing parts of the body or sacred containers.”

I learned a new word today. XD


I kinda like that shirt! will Mordred ever actually wear it though? willingly and not firced to by Wiglaf?…


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