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Wiglaf Doesn’t Know Either

Wiglaf turned out super well in the first panel. I’m happy with how cute he turned out. XD

*pats Wiglaf* I’m sure he wishes he knew how his powers worked, too.


Pouty Azrael, you shouldn’t hit Wiglaf when you’re too fragile for him to hit you back. Go get Grace before you try to kill him.


I wonder if, now that he knows this, Grace could (in sword form) have 99% the power of however much power he wants when fighting wiglaf?


Thinking of it, though…

Wiglaf’s power is very similar to Grace’s, isn’t it? Both can give theoretically infinite power (as far as can be told so far), but it depends on the opponent. Grace can give 99% of the enemy’s power, while Wiglaf has just enough to win perfectly?


He’s also probably so used to holding back against, well, ANYONE that he has no idea how strong he actually CAN be. So once he apparently started struggling to keep up…he forgot he’s supposed to win anyway. (Being perfect and all that.)


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