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Wiglaf Is Holding His Clothes

Oh, Herschell. You vain critter you. XD

Um. I’m excited Fright Night comes out this weekend? I don’t know…

It’s been one of those weeks that goes back and forth between absolutely nothing going on and absolutely everything going on at the same time.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Short Change Hero” by The Heavy

Arkham City~ Coming soon~ *squee*


Homygod, SO many awesome things about this page!! awesome Backgroud, awesome Mordred face of terror, awesome lines, awesome naked Herschell! Besides being stricken with terror Mordred must be SO confused right now!!! XD


=D ……. [ insert witty double entendre here ]

In other news, that is one BIG comfy chair.
So where are the fluffy pillows? …. on second thought … never mind XD


Herschell looks really funny as a cat perched on Wiglaf’s shoulder. And then he just poofs back to normal again! XD

Mordred’s deranged look of terror is hilarious and well-done. His eyes are the size of baseballs! XD It’s also good to have Brat back in the story. I love her expression in the sixth panel. Things should get very fun now.


I like the older looking Sister, she always seemed rather young to be dragging men of to marriage before :)


According to the cast page she’s 17(though that was when she was first introduced, we can probably assume at least a year has passed in the comic so she’s at least 18).


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