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Wiglaf Makes Jokes

I actually know what I want to do for Sunday’s strips. Whoooo. XD

Thank you for reading!

And as a reminder, comments work! They just won’t show up until the cache is refreshed (when I post a new strip).

Edit: I was in a concert Sunday afternoon & I’m beat after D&D. Taking it easy and going to bed early. I’ll see you Wed.!

Edit (12/15 – Wed): Today might have been one of the longest work days ever. I think pretty much everything that could go wrong did between a sound system not working and me having to fix it (which is not my normal job btw) and a keyboard gone missing (which I walked by like six times and didn’t notice because it was placed vertically and blended in with a backdrop). There was other stuff too but that’s not my place to share. I’m beat. Lol. The Christmas season is way too stressful for what should be a happy holiday. I will see you on Friday. o-o

Edit (12/17 – Friday): I’m sick. This morning at work I got nauseous out of nowhere and I was off enough that my coworker gently told me to go home. Been sitting all afternoon trying to take it easy and I’ve been in and out. I ate something, so that was good, but now I just have a headache and I feel queasy when I move. That’s too much info for you all, but it means I’m going to bed and I’m sorry to WaM. T-T; I’m hoping I’ll feel better on Sunday so I can draw for you guys.

And because I feel bad, here’s a sneak peak at the comic because I know what I want to do for once:

Wiglaf: Okay, I’ll stop joking. I know who did it anyway.

Mordred: What do you mean.

Wiglaf: I mean I figured it out.

Mordred: What.

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