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Wiglaf, Stop.

Wiglaf is thinking way too hard about this topic.

But he’s really much more fond of internal bleeding rather than external.

Probably because Azrael was so stab-happy. He did the blood thing. And how dare Boss copy Azrael’s style!


Wiglaf pls
You’re not supposed to be debating over how to beat up people.


He is arguing for the most heroic way to beat up someone. (Heroic in that it’s less gruesome for others to see and less work for everyone to clean.)

This is totally his job. (It’s just funnier that it’s an argument he ACTUALLY gets to have. And with Boss, no less!)


Now that I think about it, Wiglaf seems to be in the minority, there. Despite the last name, Garrotts and co. seem very fond of blood.


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