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Wiglaf Tells It Like It Is

Wiglaf will one day learn not to just automatically chime in with the answer. XD

I think today’s strip feels a little old school WaM….do you think so? XD

Um. Hope everyone had a good Christmas & is enjoying whatever break you may be getting!

Also – unrelated: Saw Tron Legacy. So good. XD So so very good. *hugs Clu*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“One More Time” by Daft Punk


I already *cough* managed to *HACK* get the soundtrack *sniffle* before it came out…
I love Daft Punk, couldn’t resist.

Anyways, the original TRON was just so cheesy in comparison to today’s (and even from the 90′s) movies. I’ll take your word for it and assume that this new TRON is much better.

And Driver-
just hush. Wiglaf’s being useful, he’s helping you out. Sheesh, so ungrateful…


Heehee, I think Driver is just upset that it didn’t burn Mr. Obsessive-Stalker-IMEAN Lancelot.

Tron.. I have yet to see it.. but it brings to the mind glowing spandex suits.. lols


I am left somewhat speechless at Wiglaf’s face in the final panel. He just seems so annoyed, but in that sort of “Not worth the time” kind of way. I like it.


Hm… I do the same thing… No wonder my classmates hate me. XP Don’t worry Wiglaf, at least you remembered that stuff. Better than unconsciously answering then not knowing that same information when someone asks you moments later… >.>


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