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Wiglaf Too Wants That Tour

I don’t know why, but I love Mordred in the background. Just listening. Forever bored.

Probably still wishing the scene above him and Lance was racier. Lol.

Edit: *looks at a strip a couple weeks ago talking about getting back on the ball* I need to stop saying things like that. It brings a plague upon me every time. Lol. Uh. My week so far: Monday not a great day. Monday night through Tuesday Morning = Tropical Storm and Tornado Warnings and Watches all night (which means no sleep o-o;;), and Today. Wednesday? Stress at work. Not necessarily with me (I was just super busy out of the blue), but stuff around me. Long story short, it’s another “Me” night. I went out and bought ice cream (well, mango ice pops). ┬áThat is a good thing. XD I will see you Friday. (I know a certain pandemic isn’t going anywhere any time soon but man could it just lay off a little…just a bit…there is way too much going on in the world already right now.)


Seduced? She’s a bit close to a tentacle monster, although that’s not something she can help it still seems like it wouldn’t be a good time.

Ripping her arms off still seems like it’s not a heroic move seeing as she’s not hurting him. He did ask if she wanted to play a game, even though she didn’t make a suggestion or get his consent before touching him.

This seems like a rather boring game though. Has she just been hugging him for a half an hour? Like not even shaking him around or dangling him upside down? What did Wiglaf want to play?


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