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Wiglaf Was On Autopilot

My cast is too large.

It’s been a problem for ages, but what can you do?

Also Lake’s going home with them. No more being stranded in the middle of nowhere for her. XD

Edit: So. Funny story. I got off work early today and I was excited because it meant I’d have plenty of time to draw and then oops. Before I knew it,  it’s almost 11:00pm and I haven’t started a thing. So we’ll just say I’m taking an early break for Thanksgiving and I’ll see you with a strip on Friday. For sure. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving! Or at least a good Thursday if you don’t celebrate or have a rocky day ahead. 

And in the meantime, you can continue to enjoy this lovely drawing of Lake because I’m still happy with how it turned out. :D


Well if you have a big cast, does it matter if you include everyone? I’m honestly not expecting you to include everyone for every chapter. After all, Wiglaf and Mordred are the main focus so I doubt it’s a big deal to include everyone. As I stated before, it’s not a big deal if every cast member makes an appearance.


It doesn’t matter, exactly, but sometimes more end up in a scene than I wanted and I have to remember where they all are and what they’re doing. Ha ha ha. It gets away from me easily. XD


Fair enough. XD

Though with this hotel they’re bringing back it seems like Mordred is gonna have a new place to live. Wonder how his landlord will react at losing tenants? And with how alot of the other cast are, Mordred’s probably gonna get some new roommates. Will make celebrating the holidays all the more “interesting”.

Oh! And before I forget, thanks for posting this webcomic! It’s a blast of fun to my system throughout the week. :)


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