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Wiglaf Will Jump On That

Another strip up on time! I’m on a roll. o_o

Mwa ha ha ha.

Azrael. Pull yourself together, man! *shakes his shoulders*

(Sorry if you posted a comment, I had to delete the post & re-upload it. Something was wrong. o_o;)

Edit: Some company dropped in unexpected (the good kind), so WaM got postponed a little. Look for it Friday night. :)


1. this might be fun. driver might get to see wiglaf and mordred ahead of schedule, and wiglaf might have to officially oppose new mad scientist lancelot. alternatively, lancelot might point out that driver was hurt ‘under his/their protection’
2. ……wiglafazrael….?


it didnt let me put in less than signs? the second point was a homestuck reference to azrael and wiglaf’s possible pale thing. i would also like to apologize for that.


Wigalf should become a Therapist.

Azzie will help Wigalf stop the Strawberries.

Security^.^ Kid security is soo cute.


I assume ‘Big Al’ is, Alistair?


What i’m still wondering is what happened to Gawain…


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