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Wiglaf Will Monitor It

He’s got to keep an eye on things now. :D


A thought occurred to me; Wiglaf sure does act like a brother or cousin towards Azrael. So thus a question came to mind, are they related somehow? Wiglaf does have two dads and a mum after all. That makes for alot of cousins and other distant relatives. Plus the reaction from Azrael and Wiglaf would be interesting. -w-


Oh Yes, THIS! I don’t care if this isn’t the case, it’s my HeadCanon now and it is GLORIOUS!


Cool. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they were brothers. After all I’m sure Wiglaf’s cult dad did some other things before he joined the cult, as a way of coping with his wife “cheating” with his best friend. (wink, wink. nudge, nudge. I’m saying I think cult dad slept with another woman, incase that wasn’t implied enough. XD)


Yeah, Grace….he knows very little about you, true, but he does know this: Azrael has been addicted to you for years, and recently had a psychological breakdown which YOU figured into. Also you are TOTES a serial killer, something I think Wiglaf knows now. (Azrael had a bit audible freak-out about it.)

Azzie and Wiglaf have actually forged a friendship out of their former rivalry lately, and Wiglaf has finally settled into the idea of friends. Friends look out for their friends.


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