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Wiglaf Will Say No Anyway

I feel like Éclat’s crush has just gotten worse since he turned into a human. Gotta’ control that hero-worship, boy!

Aw, well. I’m sure Ben has it under control.


Ouch, Éclat, come on…
I actually assumed he meant sharing the room with Ben until he finished the sentence.

Daaang ):
Actually, this is kinda cool though. I was shipping Ben and Éclat, but this implies the artifact bonds are more platonic than that. That’s good too.

Though maybe Ben disagrees ):


So…the previous page isn’t working. I can’t see it…at all…


I’m looking into that now. Thanks for letting me know!

Edit: Should be fixed. Let me know if you see any other problems! Thanks again!


Well… in earlier parts of the archives, the Next button sometimes takes you to a different version of the website or something. The background is white and it’s arranged oddly. And my browser objects that pressing Next on that white page may be harmful.


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