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Wiglaf Would Have Killed to Hear That

I’ve been watching way too much Code Geass. *cough* Thankfully I held back with Mordred’s dramatic posing.

I like today’s strip. I missed Mordred’s long dramatic ranting. It forces me to pull out my thesaurus. XD

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“Build Me Up, Buttercup” by The Foundations


Ah Wiggles, Wiggles, golden opportunity missed, my man. All for the best, though. Can’t have the lackeys getting spoiled.
I like the Mordred’s face in panel four. ^^


Hooray for Mordred’s rich vocabulary! :D And this also shows how quickly and easily his moods can change. It’s good to see Mordred again indulging in melodramatic monologues and poses.

Now we have crystal-clear confirmation that Wiglaf is growing on Mordred. I wonder if Wiglaf will find out about it.


This strip reminds us of the love-hate relationship Mordred has with Wiglaf, “hating” him for being a good guy but liking his companionship. Since Mordred is usually so bored, being able to play off someone like Wiglaf has to be a something of a relief. It is probably amusing to him how well they play off each other as polar opposites.


I like Azrael the most in this. Sure, he only gets one line, but body language is everything, and he’s so classy and restrained while retaining his usual bloodlust.

That’s it. I’m breaking my own rule and writing a fanfic if it kills me.


Okay WaM went from sweet to awesome last strip, so what do I call this one?

Eh, I figure definitely-will-be-following-this-comic-for-a-long-time list just got longer by 1.


Ah, Mordred is my favorite character (if you haven’t already noticed) and he proves it again.
He totally puts Driver in her place, until she mentions what he just said, and then he’s just totally shocked.

And Wiglaf, poor man he’s so confused right now that he missede out on Mordreds speech, the fool!


I love that Mordred accidentally admits that Driver and Wiglaf are his two favorite people in the world, basically. :D Aww, he does care about people!


That was really sweet, in a Mordred-type way… But if Driver notices that that means Mordred likes having Wiglaf around, then does she notice it means he likes having her around, too?


Love the last panel, and I would totally write a fanfic about Wiglaf and Mordred, but I would totally scandalize/scar multiple people for life. Including Janice and Arthur.


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