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Wiglaf’s Way Is More Fun

Whoooo. Got the strip done on time. :D

And for the record, Jaws was great reading. Like. 40% just like the movie and the other 60% was a cheating subplot they cut out. XD The things you learn every day (but more importantly, I got it returned to the library on time!!!).

Edit: I’m pet sitting this week which means I have to be at someone’s house BEFORE work. XD So early to bed for me! Wish me luck to make sure I don’t forget the kitty. T-T (and since I’m not working, there should be WaM on Christmas. Hurrah! See you on Wednesday!)

Edit 2: First off, the cat is adorable. For real. I’m so blessed to get to see this family’s cat twice a day to take care of him, even if I’m scooping litter boxes again. T-T Second: Christmas was fun! I got to go pet sit, I went to see Cats with my mom & brother, and generally had a nice day. I sat down to draw, but some stuff came up, though. And now I think I need to go to bed. Sorry guys. T-T But I hope everyone is having a great holiday and I’ll see you on Friday!

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