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Wise Decision, Fuxiyiya

You’ve been waiting to show off your muscles, haven’t you Camlann? XD

He’s such a bully. XD


Some things have been on my mind for awhile. Can Éclat use his powers on the other artifacts and would they turn human? On that note, are the artifacts living things too? They were created from people.
Also does Camlan age now? He seems capable of mortal injury though since it’s magically induced it leaves me unsure. I’m also wondering why he is unable to see Grace or any of the other spirits attached to the artifacts? He does have a ton of powers that haven’t even been named.


Éclat’s magic does not work on his fellow artifacts because of higher powers. The artifacts are indeed living things. Camlann does not age–he’s still mostly made of metal, but there is flesh and blood there.

Camlann is unable to see the artifacts because he is not part of their set, and he is neither undead nor a dog. :D


OK, thank you for clearing that up Lily. :)
I was seriously curious about all that. I’m also looking forward to seeing what happens to Camlann now when he’s within Bliss’s magic canceling field. -w-


Hm. I wonder if Liliy realizes just how much of an AWESOME thing she has done by making Azzie CANONICALLY ACE and the pink alien 100% non-binary. (As a gray-ace nb person, I am EVEN MORE happy about this.)


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