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Wonder Where He Got It

Admit it peeps who hated Sedrick & his last arc — it’s all worth it for Hnæf cuteness, am I right? XD

Am I right? Yes. Yes I am. *snuggles the brat*

Moving on. Uh, you all are awesome and I thank you for putting up with my sporatic-ness this past few months. And I thank you in advance for continuing to do so. XD

WaM updates WILL happen this weekend, but I’m not sure when. Things are a little busy schedule wise (I’m booked through Sunday), so I’m not sure when it’ll get squeezed in. I’ll let you know what’s up on Twitter though! So keep your eyes there. XD

Hmm. I think that’s it. :D

Oh yes: Thor & Loki. Thor & Loki. Thor & Loki. <3 SQUEE.


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5


Hated… Sedric? I swear, that was the most villain action we’ve seen! It was fantastic! That being said, it is nice to see him in a somewhat less “Kill EVERYONE” mood.


I’m sensing a theme of obsession. Arthur -> Mordred, Arthur -> Sedrick, Sedrick -> Arthur, Hnaef -> Sedrick. Not to mention that the artifacts always make their owners obsess over them, and most of the other characters have their personal things that they obsess over…

But the Arthur/Sedrick/newly-displayed-Hnaef brand of obsession seems to be exactly the same brand across all three characters. Kind of worrying.


The Hnaef/Sedrick obsession is more of the love of a child for his father. It doesn’t matter if the father is an abusive bastard or not… often a child still will love their abuser because it’s their parent.


I’m thinking that Hnaef takes after Arthur more then Sedrick. Sedrick should keep Hnaef away from dragons, just in case.


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