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Wrapping Up

WAM is sadly staring to cut into my sleep schedule, and after the second morning sleeping through my alarm and almost being late for work – I really can’t stay up longer to finish the strip. I’m going to attempt to start WAM earlier in order to get it up on time, but we’ll see how that works. The update schedule already works around when I have free time. XD

Anyway, I’ve started working the strips in reverse order though, so at least you can get an outline and dialogue.

Hopefully this won’t be a trend. Thank-you for being patient! Look for color later tonight.

Edit: Thanks for being patient! Color’s up. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Miss Murder” by A.F.I.


hey, I’m happy with just an outline and words. XD You get sleep, I know exactly what it’s like to being really short sleep.

This is an awesome story, so I would be willing to get a page a week. Impatient for the next page, but I’d still follow it. ^^ Keep working at getting the schedule so that you can handle it, even if it is “whenever I get it made.”


I feel bad. I’ve been neglecting leaving any replies for awhile.

But anyway.

WaM always makes me happy. :happy: Even as an outline.


I just found your comic tonight and it’s done a wonderful job in helping me procrastinate studying :P

<3 Mordred and Wiglaf.


ROFL Wiglaf only cares about the fact that his sister is in his seat, not the fact that she is tied and gagged. :lol2:

I like the running joke you did with Sedrick’s habit of fawning over Arthur when he knows he’s in trouble. XD


Aww…. that’s the first time anyone’s ever told Wiglaf to be himself? That’s just–

awwwwww. (crowning moment of heartwarming_


I’ve got a continuing suspicion that Janus cares very little for Safir. And why is she annoyed right now, anyway?


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