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Wrong Answer

Yeah. Uh. Before you say anything–this was going to be worse. So much worse. XD Be happy I restrained myself.


Oh, and Boss is a cannibal. Did I forget to mention that? XD

(You know the drill. Color when I get to it. XD)

Edit: No WaM until Friday. Work is/going to be crazy this week. I’ll try and get this strip colored though. Hopefully. Sorry!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Kiss Your Feet” by John Mark McMillan


Woah……. This won’t go over well with Wiglaf. I wonder how Modred is gonna react seein’ as he can actually fight, as we all learned awhile ago.


*cringe* *shudder*
Mordred, go kick his ass (we know you can given the right provocation), please. Seeing Mordred pull a badass stunt would be awesome, cause none of them would expect it.


The other thought that crossed my mind was ‘wow, that came out of nowhere’. Then I remembered, this is liliy we’re talking about, this bit of boss-man’s personality was probably decided before he was even introduced.


O.M.G. . . . Is it wrong of me to be totally interested in this arc right now? Also, Boss better watch out because Driver has a dad, three sisters, Wiglaf, and Mordred. Not to mention she can kick butt as well.


Yikes. Driver must be avenged for that one. I’m sure she would probably be ready to kick butt all by herself, but Wiglaf is definitely going to want a piece of that guy now, and even Mordred may now be aroused to action. Not to mention there’s any number of other Driver friends/allies/relatives who may show up to take down this guy.


Well, that was… unexpected. o.o

I find myself morbidly curious as to the “worse” version you were originally planning.

…that was a curveball, yeesh.


I suddenly have a vested interest in seeing this arc through, mostly just in hopes of seeing someone introduce boss’s inside-y parts to one of the other items(specifically one of the swords)


D: GAH!!! Spit that out right now! Somebody get the stomach pump!

Also,it turns out you have to actually remove Driver’s eyeballs from her skull if you want to see them. This is the first time we’ve ever seen her eyes….


Hello I am now morbidly invested in this storyline. Sometimes I forget that this is one of the reasons I love this comic.


*sneaks out of lurking* kick his butt guys! No sane person messes with Driver. That, more than the cannibalism says Boss is a crazy person >.>

P.S. freakest moment yet Lilly, had to break my lurking marathon to tell you XD


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