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Wrong Door


Whoa. Nice room.

Hands down, I think this may be my favorite one so far, even if it’s just because of Driver’s expressions. It’s amazing how you can convey horror and embarrassment when you can’t even see her eyes. Too good.


…wow; someone has a huge crush on Mordred. I’d like to know where she got all those posters and pics. XD


good question like the cardboard cut out. The mordred doll she could have made. I want a Wiglaf and Mordred dolls or a Security doll.


Hmm… was she hitting on Wiglaf in an attempt to make Mordred jealous?

In other news, I like archive trawling multiple times. Which is why I keep commenting on old pages after I comment on new ones. *sweatdrop


I agree with Looking back. I want a Mordred plushie too. Wouldn’t mind plushies of the WAM cast.

Where on earth did Driver get it?


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