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Wrong Question


Edit: No WaM Friday. Check back for your regularly scheduled, mostly late, updates on Sunday! :D


Oh man is it late, somehow I misread Mr.G’s entire line in the 4th panel and was so confused to why on earth someone had a ‘shape shifting toilet’. I swear I can read, honest.

I am to assume that ‘B’ is ‘Boss’


Oh my goodness I hope we get to encounter a shape shifting toilet soon! LOL (and coffee on the keyboard reading your comment, oops)


Hm. Actually, he has a point. Go on, Mr. G! Reassert yourself as the boss! You didn’t listen to her when she asked to take down all the portraits of your previous wife, and you still possess the capability to PUNCH magic spells. Retired or no, what kind of villain would you be to listen to your wife all the time? Considering she’s a villain, too, I wonder if she’d be disappointed if he didn’t disobey her once in a while.


That doesn’t seem like a good career/life move on Gawain’s part, calling Mr. G whipped like that.


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