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Yeah, Don’t Ask

That last joke is a call out to strip 128. :D Just in case you forgot.

*yawn* This took longer to draw than it should have.  Is it sad that Driver is the most masculine member of my cast? x_x

Edit: I can”t believe I forgot. XD NJ over at Emergency Exit is holding a raffle to help pay for her new tablet after her previous computer kicked the bucket. You should go check it out and not only help her out but win a chance at a guest spot in EE or a commission. ^^

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Here Me Out” by Frou Frou


Where does Wiglaf get his boots? *envy envy*


They’re actually surprisingly easy to make, too. The most difficult thing one has to remember is to leave enough length in the material to allow for multiple slouches.

As soon as I finish mine, I’ll make up a pattern and try to get Liliy to post it here, OK?


Glorious! Wiglaf just stands up and Mordred goes flying! *Grins.* Our hero has very good focus. But where did Mordred get that broom? He doesn’t do any of the cleaning… how did he know where it was?

Off-panel question: is there a fireplace in front of the couch?


I have all kinds of comments I just can’t share in here lately. XD

I do wonder how long it’ll be before Mordred demands someone pick him up. XD


Hee hee! Going back to my guess from the last strip that Mordred was chasing Wiglaf with an ax, I’ll now propose that Wiglaf split Mordred’s ax in half with a karate chop, forcing Mordred to use a broom instead. :lol2:

KGJ is right, Wiglaf used good balance and inertia to push Mordred over like that. It’s also funny how Driver has to be the one to restore order. XD

Nice ending with Security. THAT is how you deal with smart-mouthed swords. :D


This is really funny. Yes, Wiglaf could easily make Mordred overbalance, since he had his feet on the ground and Mordred had his feet on him. I like Security turning up again.


But Mordred had the high ground. If Star Wars has taught me anything, it’s that once you have the high ground, the jig is up. I don’t know what to think… Yes I do… love the last panel!


… More archive browsing. Mordred looks especially girly in the second panel here, and I think it has something to do with the fact he wears knee-high boots. So does Wiglaf, but his look less like what a stripper might wear. XD I mean, Mordred’s boots actually have heels, look at that.


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