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Yeah, He Does

*yawn* Sleepy…

Fear my generic burglar. And near indistinguishable nail file. Security; Jack of all Trades. Hah. Is there anything he can’t do?


Security can do anything and everything. Wiglaf can’t. Here’s something Wiglaf can’t do: look masculine with his hair up. Though he does pout very well.

Ahhh, Mordred. He’s so shallow. It really makes me feel all tingly in that spot where my heart used to be.

It seems you went my idea. Isn’t it so much better than your wall of text idea? I saved you from yourself. You’re welcome.


>_< You know, when I finish that chainmaille and we go advertising, if someone recognizes us and asks for THIS Wiglaf, I reserve the right to make that person play the generic burglar

Interesting. Security hung around Mordred. He MUST be a triplet sent by Boudicea to watch the other three siblings. Keeping track of Wiglaf temporarily was just an added bonus.
La Vaca, I say this with all due respect: take another look at the TAWM at the Gym picture before doubting Wiglaf’s ability to look manly with his hair pulled up/back. :)

My favorite pair of panels has to be the noon-time activity of saving the trapped miner. That’s a good hero activity.


Hehehe. Wiglaf’s a real juggernaut. Nothing slows down his heroics, even when he’s grouchy.

Oh brother, Mordred FINALLY remembers the magic sword after all this time. And he only remembers it after he just alienated the guy who was holding onto it for him. No wonder his world-domination plans are all going nowhere.


Ha ha ha. XD Mordred is so stupid. ^_^

And poor Wiglaf… he’s so heroically awesome he’ll put himself out of a job soon.


Ah, damn those small errors. They always get you. I smell recurring trouble for Mordred. Pity he doesn’t realize the sword can’t help him anyway. He’d be better off stealing the sheath back. :D


lol nice. First time I’ve ever commented on one of your comics, I comment on your DA account, but I’ve read these all(except the newest one, hadn’t checked this site in like 3 weeks). Well, he can’t not be anywhere at any time.


That looks like the same theif from later in the story! The one that steals art and is Azeral’s friend!


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