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Yes, He Noticed.

I swear, this comic is turning into: how can I do complex things without actually having to draw it…?

Ah, the creativity that can occur when you’re trying to be lazy. And in other news- using a different color instead of italics is fun. :D

And go watch Reborn!. I love you Gokudera-kun! You’re so darn cute! *hugs the bomb maniac*


Yes! It’s about time Wiglaf put two and two together and came up with reality. I am filled with delicious goo at this recent development. I can’t wait to see where you go with this.

“The Family Resemblance,” huh? Artifice? Manipulation? Schadenfreude? Mmm, more goo.

I do so love Janus and Arthur in the background. They look so similar, I’d almost say you flipped the image. XD But, seriously, if the fight had been too detailed, it would have been unnecessarily distracting.


Wiglaf raises an eyebrow in panel two, and looks so quintessentially himself. :D Poor hero.

Nice use of “chill down the spine” color in panel three!


Wiglaf gets a different vivid expression for each panel today. Nice. Each face conveys his thoughts well.

It’s hilarious watching Arthur and Janus in the background clobbering and cursing at each other. XD


So when does Mordred let on he knows who Wiglaf is? Sooner or later Driver will spill the beans, and then the charade is up.


I think he just *did* let on that he know who Wiglaf is. ^_^;

I love Arthur and Janus in the background; if you hadn’t given Janus a skirt there’d be no way to tell them apart. XD


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