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Yes, He Referred to Her as an Object

Ha ha; a little late today. I couldn’t concentrate on drawing tonight to save my life. XD *was preoccupied with Scarecrow from Batman* I love Jonathan Crane. *sighs*

Anyway, I must be on a role because I really like today’s strip too. I think it’s that last panel, and well – Mordred got to be mean. XD That’s just fun.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Skat Man” by Scatman John


Heh heh. Wiglaf is mighty displeased with his interloping sister. And how about that? Mordred actually paid Driver a compliment. That’s pretty significant, especially when he’s being mean at the same time. ^_^ Driver must be doing something right.


Is being mean his only goal? Brat was rescued while Mordred was trashing her and complimenting Driver, which seems like it might be a “two birds with one stone” sort of deal…


Mordred is that good, he can be a complete @$$ while calming Driver down.
Gotta love his way of being nice.
And Wiglaf is just AWESOME in the last panel.


I think way too much. ><
Isn't Driver a technical blonde? I know she dyes her hair, but isn't she still worried some by Mordred's attitude towards blondes? Or does he just think of her as a brunette?


Yes, Driver is technically blonde, but she’s been dying it for a long time. It’s half to match her sisters and half because Mordred doesn’t like it.

I like to think they’re close enough friends that even if she didn’t dye her hair she wouldn’t have to worry.


Does mom know you’re here?
well obviously – you’re channeling her.

This one always makes me laugh and it’s my fourth time reading it.

pure win! :lol:

Yep, I am obsessive about stuff I love :]


ya know it’s funny funny how she doesn’t react to being refered to as a ‘little harlot’…anywhoodle i know this is gonna sound repetitive since everyone says it but…i love that last panel, plenty of experience with the whole acting like your mon thingie


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