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Yes, She’s Ticked.

I don’t believe Driver cares much for Wiglaf’s little sister.

Though, considering her little crush that should be a given. And I think I rather like Ms. Ainsley Driver without her hat. She’ll most likely be seen without it for a few strips. She’s too upset to be bothered with it. That’s a good excuse, right?


Who knew Security had such a violent streak? He always seems so carefree. Still waters, I guess. You know how I feel about the frown. It hasn’t grown on me yet. Running gag! RUNNING GAG! And no pairing. I’m watching you.

Dialogue for transition. Ahhh, it works so well in a comic.

Driver versus Brat. So far Brat is in the lead. I wonder how, or if, Driver will get back at her. And will Brat understand a thing Driver says? Has Wiglaf fallen out of favor with Driver? Only time will tell.


Whoa. Security dropped his smile for a panel. And talked. But what he said clinches it: Wiglaf and Security are NOT related. Unless Security is simply in a “trying to be helpful” mode… *Scowls.*

Ainsley must have felt a little weird, not being at the wheel. Does that mean Wiglaf drove? Where did Brat sit? Driver is just too angry to call on an airstrike from Arthur, but that makes me wonder if we’re going to have two people who hate each other having to bond out in the wilderness for the sake of mutual survival. That strikes me as a Liliy sort of thing to do to characters. >:D

Theory: Security is actually a triplet in the pay of Janus for the purposes of watching her siblings!

Nice work with all the animated posturing Ainsley’s doing in these panels, Liliy. It really communicates each feeling well!


Ah Driver; I love how her accent comes out when she’s angry, even if I do have a hard time understanding her. XD

I’m glad Security finally got a little depth. He’s funny, but he’d get old without something more than just showing up in random places.

And yes; that’s a perfectly good excuse for not wearing her hat. ^_^


Security’s stake comment makes you look twice cause it’s not what we’ve come to expect from him. Kudos for surprising us. It’s good to hear him talk some more.

Driver’s rant is brilliant. All that crazy rage she projects is hilarious. It’s also amazing how expressive her appearance is when you can’t even see her eyes. Good job drawing her expressions and her body language so vividly.


i love all of your character designs, but when it comes to security, i”ve reached a conclusion: he has the perfect hair. :love:


I’m surprised that she only blamed Brat, but not Wiglaf. After all, Wiglaf was probably the one who came up with the idea, nad was also the one who carried Mordred.


“Camp’in nightmare”? What happened to Mordred that was so bad to give a Garrot nightmares? And did it or did it not involve dragons? :3


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