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Yes Wiglaf, You Are

Comic speaks for itself today.

*inserts copious amounts of evil laughter*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from the Evita Movie Soundtrack


XDD That’s just…-shakes head, grinning- This is one of my favourite, another being the campfire scene with Driver fuming by a tent, then the one where Wiglaf was in Mordred’s tent to keep Brat out.

Speaking of Brat…does she show up at the concert?


Plastered somewhere forgotten: “Note: Valkyries are weapons. Keep out of reach of Driver.”

I love how one can see the entire WAM/TAWM “Perfect Hero, Flawed Villain” dynamic encapsulated here: Wiglaf doesn’t see a problem with the arrangement, seems to have automatically assumed he’d be on the floor, and is now wondering why Mordred is taking exception to Wiglaf being forced to sleep on the floor. Meanwhile, Mordred thinks Wiglaf didn’t know the rooms were singles, is concerned for his own comfort, and is ensuring that Lackey knows Lackey screwed up and must suffer for it. It’s all right there, both people interpreting the same situation differently. Beautiful.
But for shame, Wiglaf! Your action bespeaks cowardice. Prudence also, yes, but a large measure of cowardice!

Copious amounts of laughter, period, Liliy. Of the out loud and uncontrollable sorts. :*( (<– Emoticon meant to represent hysterical laughter.)


Hahaha! *Laughing uproariously* Driver owns this edition with her punchline. And the idea of her trying to retaliate by unleashing the Valkyries is very hilarious. :lol2:

Wiglaf should know better than to antagonize Driver so blatantly by now. Perhaps he could completely get away with antagonizing Mordred since Mordred’s apathy usually prevents him from offering any real resistance, but Driver is another matter entirely. If Wiglaf wanted to enhance his safety, he should have tried something different, like hiring Security to be a night watchman for his room. Security may work for the Garrotts, but he’d still do his job dutifully, especially if Wiglaf paid him handsomely. ^_^ Maybe Wiglaf was too cheap to spend money on his own security apparatus.

Keep up the good work with Driver’s character, Liliy. She keeps getting better and better. :D


So are the Valkyries going to have a lot of failed assassination attempts on Wiglaf no? In the background of course, wail the main people are having a plot related conversations.


:lol2: :lol2: :lol2: that insult single-handedly trumps every other one i’v heard in a comic and i will be borrowing it at some point!


You can quote “Grand Pause” if you like. It’s actually a music term referring to a moment in the piece where all players are silent. ^_^


bad thing is i’ve done something similar to what Driver did…I’ve unleashed my demonspawn little sister on some people on accident, and when she reads this she’ll know who i’m talkin’ bout…(=^.^=)


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