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Yes, You Missed It

Sleeping now. *sleeps*

*wakes up* CAPTAIN AMERICA MUST SEE *goes back to sleep*

The Veronicas. Anything by The Veronicas. <3′ing them so much right now.


heh I can just imagine Wiglaf’s childhood. “Darn it Wiglaf we’re still making payments on that car!”


This reminds me of the camping scene way back when. With Arthur and Janus fighting off-screen, Brat’s commentry throughout and the separate conversation on the left.


You should go see Captain America it was a good movie. I caught the midnight showing and enjoyed it.


Regardless of how many times the two dads punch each other, I doubt they’ll be any closer to changing the status quo regarding their current relationship with Linnea. XD

Looking forward to Captain America!


This page is a great example of the reasons I love this comic. Colorful characters, and comedy wrapped around and through the drama.


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