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Dad got his Tarzan reference and now my brother got his Pulp Fiction reference. Two of them.

I had too much fun with today’s comic. I love the third panel and Mordred had way too much fun today.

And no forth wall breaking for you! :P

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles


Figures it would be somethin’ like that. Nice speach though, Mordred.

Haha, I love Wiglaf’s reaction to it all. If I were in his shoes, I’d be in shock. Or not. I’m actually surpzied he isn’t used to this sort of thing by now.

Pinning the blame, eh? O_o

You just gotta love that sort of sudden “dakr aura” he got after the sparkling “miracle aura” he had.


I’d wondered how you were going to explain that. :D

… and today’s strip is exactly why I love your comic. Mordred in the third panel was positively amazing! I love watching him be “evil” or in other words, drive Wiglaf crazy. :$


Well done, all that’s missing is the explanation of why Arthur’s dragon wouldn’t have fulfilled its training to eat Arthur’s greatest enemy while asleep, but we can even excuse that one by assigning Mordred some dragon-handling ability.

If and when you’ve finished with 1/0 I’m interested in what you have to say about how it makes an entire story out of nominally not having a 4th wall. With proper warning and preparation for what 4th-wall device usage means it could work in this strip.


And Hagen is now scary. Seems she can summon up the family heritage when the situation demands.

As a side note, the Wiglaf and Mordred pairing remains fertile ground for awesome. =)


It was very fun watching Liliy draw this. Hagen’s fury is done excellently and really looks dramatic. You have to feel sorry for Gawain. XD

Mordred gives a great speech and looks great in panels 2 and 3. :cool: I like how you portray his glee when he teases Wiglaf and reveals the whole dragon thing.

The sparkly background in panel 2 is a nice and humorous way to cap off Mordred’s funny “miracle” line. I also like how Mordred and his text wall dominate panel 3 and emphasize Mordred’s mischievous fun. Nicely done.


I’m just waiting for them to realize that they don’t have the sword… Because… It was left on the ship… And the other two found it.

As always, Love the comic though. Always brightens up my day :D


Say what again mother fucker i dare you i double dare you!!!
*gets shot in foot*
that is what happens when you say what again


Yes. Mordred is my favourite character. Confirmed. He about killed me with his “a miracle” panel. Then again with his sea dragon panel. I love it so much. So much.


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