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You Can Ignore Talking

Éclat causes trouble. Coming soon. But you knew that already.

Also, if something isn’t working on the website – I know. XD Read here.

Go listen to something classical written before 1800.


~psychicpose~ Zely senses much mischief about to happen and it pleases her greatly.

Much loves for this comic, and especially this arc. :love:


Wonder if well ever see Camlan in spirit form, he looked cute in the scripts


Great. Just great. This comment and this comic spawned the unholy image of Eclat and Camlan bumping uglies while in sword form.


“Go listen to something classical written before 1800.”

I have quite a bit. Any suggestions for anything specific?


~pulls up her medieval music playlist~ <3

I can just see it now XD but I bet what really happens will be 10x funnier than what I'm imagining now :3


Camlann – almost forgot about that one.
Éclat has something in mind to “impress” Wiglaf
that involved Camlann of the being heard but not being seen variety of magic sword. The same Camlann that complained that good ole Wiglaf didn’t even bother to ask it what it could do like fireballs and such …. This should prove … er… interesting. :happy:


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