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You Could Help, Mordred

Being a spectator isn’t the only option. You’d even be upping your villain cred by getting in the middle of Wiglaf’s fight! Wouldn’t that be fun?

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Yell at them to take it outside so the entire place doesn’t collapse on everyone (and annoy Camlann that he went to the (very small) effort of making the place just for them to COMPLETELY wreck it), with the added benefit of more space for spectators.

Also, one of them doesn’t *have* to lose, Modred. Could be REALLY weird with a perfect tie. (Where Mordred then pops in with another single hit on Boss to say he won. Or if Wiglaf wins anyway, he still claims superiority over Boss’ cult because it was “his Lackey” that beat their BOSS. If Boss somehow beats Wiglaf, and Camlann finishes it, same thing: “his sword” won.)


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