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You Don’t Need Two

Eh…I’m having a lazy day. You’ll get color and dialogue sometime on Saturday. xD Mwa ha ha ha.

Have fun guessing what’s going on. :)

You guys clearly had fun guessing the dialogue. XD *wipes tear* I’m so proud.


Camlann: that orb can’t protect you forever

Mordred: If only summited your loyalty to me, I wouldn’t restrained you.

Wiglaf: Now how are we going to change him into a sword?

Azarel:Benjamin, I need to borrow that sword of yours


Benjamin: give it back!

Azarael: I wonder if affects all objects?

(that’s my guess)


Panel 1:
Bliss says, “La, la, la, that’ll hold you.”
Camlann rants, “Several millennia, and you are unquestionably the worst master I have ever had! No one DARES to punch the Defender of the Gates of Breton March and Killer of Ferracutus, the Uniting Force of Bradamante and the Descendant of Astyanax, the Dream-Merlin of Queen Eleanor, the Witness of the New Moon of Sir Patrick Spens–”
Bliss says, “Master! Look what I’ve done!”
Camlann continues, “–to which you hold no candle, you foul, glassy sphere. Stop orbiting.”

Panel 2:
Wiglaf notes, “Camlann is human, now, and he still doesn’t breathe.”
Mordred responds, “You can’t have my scarf as a gag.”
Wiglaf says, “What are we going to do with him?”
Mordred, growing tired of the subject, says, “That would be your problem.”

Panel 3:
“Actually,” says Azrael to Ben, “this is your fault, so you fix it. Turn him back into a sword.”
“I-I… don’t know h-how,” says Ben, trembling.

Panel 4:
Azrael grabs Eclat, saying, “Fine. I will kill him.”

Panel 5:
Ben exclaims, “Wait! You d-don’t know what you’re doing!”
Azrael replies, “I like to learn by experience.”

…..Liliy, you have GOT to do this more often. XD It’s fun to write speculative dialog for a TAWM page. Perhaps it could be another annual competition, with acclaim for the funniest, or the closest to intent, or something.


I have but one line to add for panel #1 and #2 respectively.

Camlann: You’re giving me a headache!!

Mordred: And YOU!! Put a shirt on already!!!


Bliss: “This is the song that never ends~ It just goes on and on my friend! Some people started singing it-”

Cam: “… Once I am free of this I now have one more reason to kill you.”

Wiglaf: “How is this my fault? You’re the one who wanted to get the sword in the first place.”

Mordred: “It is your fault until I find a more suitable victim to pin it on. Preferably someone vulnerable to torture.”

Azzy: “So, now that this is all over, we should go out for icecream.”

Ben: “W-w-w-what? I- N-no thank you.”

Azzy: “Well then.”

Azzy: “I’ll just take your sword.”

Ben: “No! Fine I’ll go for icecream! I’LL GO FOR ICECREAM! Just give him back.”


Bliss: “Yay! Ring around the rosie, a pocketful of posies…”

Camlann: “You insolent humans shall pay dearly for daring to dishonor the mighty Sword of Camlann in such a vulgar manner!”

Wiglaf: “Is there any way we can that orb to shut his mouth for good?”

Mordred: “You figure it out. I’ve done my part. And I did it only for my image, not for you.”

Azrael: “You know, Ben, that sword of yours can sure do some nifty things.”

Ben: “Well, er, yeah, I suppose…”

Azrael: “As a matter of fact…” (seizes sword) …”I think I’ll find out what it can do in the hands of a true fencing master!”

Ben: “No, wait! Bad idea! You’ll be so sorry if you do that!”


Correction: Add “get” to Wiglaf’s line–”any way we can get that orb to…”

Nice idea, Liliy. We should do this again in the future.


Panel 1.
Bliss: Wheeeeeee!!!! *zooms around Camlann*

Camlann: How dare you insolent humans treat me this way! Me, Camlann. I deserve better than this! Oh when I get out of here…(you get the idea) (in smaller text off to the side, ‘And where did they get the rope anyways?’)

Panel 2.
Wiglaf: Well, he’s stop blasting us, but he hasn’t stopped talking.

Mordred: Lackey, find a way to make him stop. And you, put your shirt back on already!

Panel 3.
Azræl: Now I’m even more interested in that sword of yours. May I see it?

Ben: I-i don’t t-think that would b-b-be a good idea.

Panel 4.
Azræl: You don’t even look like you know how to use a sword. *takes sword* I’m just making your life easier.

Panel 5.
Azræl: Lets see what this does in the hands of a real swordsman hmm?

Ben: P-p-please give it back. T-t-this is a bad idea, please give it back.


Panel 1:
Bliss: You know, that wasn’t very nice.
Camlann: Bite me.

Panel 2:
Wiglaf: Why didn’t you do that sooner?!?
Mordred: Oh, so it’s my fault? I seem to recall something about neglecting and abusing your sword, hmmm, Lackey?

Panel 3:
Azrael: That’s quite interesting…How long do the effects last, exactly?
Ben: Um, forever? I don’t know, exactly…

Panel 4: *yoink*

Panel 5:
Azrael: Yes, I think this will do quite nicely.
Ben: Hey! Give that back!
Azrael: Oh, don’t worry. I just need to do one small thing.


Hoo hoo! Awesome alternate dialogs guys! XD
Unfortunately I didn’t look at them until after the dialog went up. Rou and I are laughing hysterically!
…..Why would Azrael give someone he doesn’t like a sword?


To make the next fight more interesting?

Or to avoid getting punched with the kind of force Wiglaf accidentally used last time they fought near Bliss.

Either one works, but I’m thinking it’s the second one


Panel one is surprisingly free of text-wall XD

And I bet Grace told Azzy to give Wiglaf the sword because he wants to be human again ^_~

…Though Eclat would complement Wiglaf’s hair.


Just wondering…would Azrael be able to see Eclat when he holds the sword? And…I don’t think that Wiglaf would take it. Magic swords are too much trouble. As we can see, the only magic items of use are the pendant and Bliss…sort of…


Only if Ben gave the sword to him/sold it to him. If he simply takes it it doesn’t not belong to him, so it hasn’t technically transferred owners, therefore Azzie cannot see Éclat.


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