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You Forgot Driver, Too. Didn’t You?

*yawns* Ha ha; I like today’s strip. Mostly for that last panel. And I was trying something new with the SFX/Narrarator thing. Yay!!

…don’t hate Wiglaf. He doesn’t know what he does. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“It Only Takes a Moment” from Hello Dolly


I was wondering if Wiglaf’s “Perfect at everything” shtick was going to kick in here. I’m satisfied. And I love the “crack”. :D


Heh, he might have just inadvertently caused Boudica to join the rest of her family in wanting Wiglaf dead.

Well except Mordred who would be happy if Wiglaf just left him alone.


chuckles evilly @ tying up-age
Okay, I kind of hate Wiglaf now, because he is at professional level, and uh…I, after about 4 years, am still at grade 7.
*wants to hurt someone….*


Nice. I love Boudica’s expression in the seventh frame. In theory I could see knowing that white keys were whole steps and black keys half steps, but it doesn’t work out _that_ well. :( I taught myself some by ear, but I couldn’t play a full piece, but ah, he’s probably making it up. I get it. Still, Driver fixes all.


I don’t hate Wiglaf, he’s just uninteresting… like every other “perfect at everything” character. Did anyone really expect him to do poorly when he got up there? He’s lucky to be surrounded by a relatively large cast of legitimately interesting characters (panels 7, 8, and 9 FTW). XD


Pssh, I think the ‘not being able to keep friends’ helps on that. I think Lily makes it a weakness pretty well. In most stories with a ‘perfect at everything’ character, everyone loves the character.

Not in reply: I love the tying up of Brat. Makes me wish I could do that with my brat sometimes… And I love how Boudica is like “You’re doing fine” and finally ends up angry because he’s doing so well. But if he’s SMART, he’ll point out it was all her. “Nope, I was playing chopsticks the whole time.”


Ah, so Wiglaf masters the piano on his very first try. Pretty cool. :) I like where you had him trying to rehearse his music knowledge in his head. XD

Haha, really digging Driver snickering. She’s taken positive action to ensure quality pest control. *Laughing evilly and clapping*


Lol, gotta love Wiglaf and his clueless…ness. :D Now Boudica is going to hate him too.

And yeah for Driver! :happy: I had forgotten about her, sort of. And I love the look on Mordred face. :D


I know it’s exaggerated, but I do know a few people that are a bit like that. My brother’s one. I spent ages trying to learn how ton play my dad’s pennywhistle. My brother was playing folk songs on it half an hour after he picked it up.


>:D Driver got revenge.

I love the expression that Boudica gets when she realizes Wiglaf’s never played piano before. She looks just a /little/ upset.


As a person who’s been playing the piano for a while now and still ain’t good yet, I’m a little annoyed by Wiglaf too.

Boudica… I can relate.


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