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You Knew He Could Get Loose

Whoo. You thought I was involving them in this plot line, didn’t you? Didn’t you.

No, I just missed them. *sniff*

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Edit: Family visiting. No WaM Friday. >.> Schedule might be hectic and/or unpredictable these next two weeks. Not sure yet. Sorry!

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Well, I’m caught up again. For the third time. I’ve seriously got to stop forgetting about this comic.


i almost forgot to read today… only because I found a new web comic… with over 2000 pgs… hopefully I’ll remember to sleep tonight.


Y’know, I think I finally hate Sedrick (as a construct, rather than just for who he is and how he acts).
Sedrick, you got your big arc: you betrayed everyone who can tolerate you, made a mess of things without doing anything useful, and pulled a karma Houdini when you just got threatened back into like, you even lost the comic a lot of readers. You should be done. Stay chained to a damn wall for a couple chapters; don’t prove that you aren’t even getting your slight punishment just to jump up and prevent interesting things from happening.


You know I actually expected this to happen when I saw the last comic. SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to be vindicated :D


…Where on Earth did he get a crowbar? And why would Arthur chain him up when Sedrick clearly stated that he could easily escape? And why didn’t Sedrick just hit him like during the concert arc? The crowbar seemed a bit overkill…

But Sedrick~ <3 I love him so much!


he was probably annoyed that he had to PRETEND to be chained to a wall for a few weeks, in the same room with Haenf, Arthur and occasionally security (who I think Sedrick dislikes him for the same reason that Wigalf’s dad doesn’t like him.) or Sedrick is just jealous because of Mordred.


I think the he dislikes Security because he doesn’t like the blonde Time Lord with an armband TARDIS hanging out with his 13-year-old son. And the crowbar may have been left there from when he tried to murder Hnaef.


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