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You Knew That, Wiglaf

As Icy said it in the chat, “No beating around the bush with Guin.”

But yes, more fun to be had with all these folks shoved into Mordred’s crowded apartment/flat. Fun times should be had, and Driver will be joining the fun soon! :D

Also, Mordred is such a jerk.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“You Are My Best Friends” by Finn from Adventure Time


You’d have thought that Guinevere would have noticed the hero standing right next to Mordred. You know… The one able to deal with other magic weapons without more than a bit of armor and his fists.


You mean the one with enough injuries to keep most people still in the hospital at the moment?


Yes, that one. The one who also seems to be missing his armor. That’s what bravado is for.


Drat. I was just going to post with “But to properly threaten Mordred, she’ll have to get through Wiglaf first…” and Wiglaf is still-broken and without chainmail. That’s worrisome.


I have no idea how Guinevere thinks she can take Bliss from Mordred… And devil woman? What does Prudence do?! They seem to hate her more than Bliss


hasn’t Mordred been trying to get rid of Bliss?

unless Guinevere claims that she needs the Bliss or something then Mordred may do the villain cliche and deny her…

otherwise I see a lot of misunderstandings that lead to a fight and ends with Mordred unhappily still owning Bliss while Guinevere retreats shouting threats.

or something entirely different! I hope so.


That’s the thing, even though Mordred wants to get rid of her because she annoys him he at the same time doesn’t want to get rid of her(he’s slowly becoming attached like how Ben and Azzie are attached to their items). He’s not as bad as they are yet, but he’s heading in that direction(according to liliy)


what?1 it was a woman? xD
didn’t know


Liliy’s drawing style strikes again. She has also added more magical characters than I can follow, let alone human ones.


I love the interactions between Eclat and Ben and Azrael and Grace XD

Also, I doubt Guin really wants Bliss. She’s probably still very much attached to her master, even if he yelled at her, and won’t want to leave his side……after she returns from wherever she ran off to.


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