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You Need To Look Good

After all, it’s what super villains are known for~

Rock it, Lancelot.

Edit: Some stuff ran long & had some troubles with my computer. *sigh* Wed’s WaM’ll be late. :)

The Monster High & Ever After High themes. They’re good. Go listen~ :D


Yay first! Also, nice to see that he’s well and truly come to terms with his mad scientist-nes. Now I may finally get the minigun plants I obsessively desire from his creations.


…those red gloves are scary. Nice job.


They were made so the blood of his enemies wouldn’t stain them.


Yeah, that’s why they’re scary. Compounded by the fact that they’re the first thing that catches your eye in the whole outfit. Not much room for doubt about where his focus lies.


And here I thought they were made of strawberry skins. You know, using available materials…


Okay so now not only are they enemy-blood stain-proof, but they’re made from the flesh of his children. How much more terrifying can we make this wardrobe?


Mordred being cuddly towards anything, Azrael seeking psychiatric help, Lancelot accepting he’s a mad scientist?!?

Clearly Security being out of commission has destroyed the binding chains of the universe and things will only spiral further and further out of control. REALITY AS WE KNOW IT IS ENDING!!!!


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