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You Never Know A Person

Color later~ Going to try and stress less with the comic. XD Hopefully it means the strips will improve.

And you can thank my Brother for getting me kick started on a more entertaining storyline~ :D


Edit: Look! Color! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Everybody” by The Backstreet Boys.


Ben you have the strangest hobbies.

And he still doesn’t have Grace with him. Oh man, I can just see Grace now ‘How dare he leave me in this dusty old closet >:|’(if that’s where Grace still is rather than say on a bench off screen or something_


I can’t decide if I’m most amused by Ben calling Azrael “Azzie” (a first, yes?) or by how deadpan Generic is.


Curling. WAM has brought in curling.

This is perhaps the happiest a webcomic has ever made me in the history of ever.

Ever ever ever.


A fan of the sport, I take it? XD


Curling is the only sport I fangirl squee at. Something about the brooms, and the ice, and the forty-pound rocks, and the pitchers shouting “WHOA” at varying pitches.

Curling is the best sport ever.


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