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You Really Can’t Blame Her

It’s been a while since I did a real couple joke. Seemed due for one.

Not much else to say other than I love it when Driver calls Wiglaf ‘Sugar’ and Wiglaf’s reaction in that last panel was particularly fun to draw.

It is so weird drawing strips about dating. I went six years without a date, and then a few weeks ago finally got one when I went to that wedding – and of course with my luck it turned out badly. XD

Dating is for losers.

…my characters are never allowed to be happy.


Lol, ‘calmy’, yay, sure it end ‘calmly’, Driver.*giggles*

Wiglaf’s reaction was awesome! XD And Mordred, “I blame you.” XD He blames everything bad on Wiglaf. X3

Great strip today.^^


Awesome. XD

The black blotch on Wiglaf’s face speaks volumes. Much more than actually showing his eyes would, actually. He looks quite ready to kill. And not mercifully.


OH! poor Wiglaf seems his plan was found out…not that Mordred noticed of course but apparently Driver did!…nah just kidding, though it would be funny if that were true, kinda wondering what is going on in Wiglaf’s head at that moment…(=^.^=)


Now I’m wondering about Wiglaf and dates. Specifically, whether he’s ever been on one. His fans may all love him, but he doesn’t seem the type to date groupies, and considering he’s got a track record of annoying away anyone who gets close…


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