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You Should Do That, Yes

Oh Geoffry, when will you learn the world hates you? XD Go call Horatio. He’ll make you feel better. :D

Or whine.

One of the two.

Um. Lemme think…way behind on adding stuff to the site. XD I just keep forgetting to do it. *has a fanfic and some more minecraft skins to upload*   I’m just letting you know I have it – I just haven’t replied yet to you all yet b/c I’ve been a ditz lately. XD *salutes people who send me things*

It’ll get added…eventually. :D

<3 You all~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Shadow Games” by Trixie Reiss


Woah, I’m really curious about what was in that drawer. And it would be fun to see more interaction between Horatio and Geoffry. It would be neat to know what Horatio’s been doing lately.

Can’t wait to see how they rescue Janus. :D


Geoffry should go find Mordred, join the bad of ridiculous misfits of insanity and storm the castle again. Sedrick can’t defeat an incompetent villain (love you Mordred), a possibly bad hero, a lady who looks like a dude, Security, a mad scientist in denial, a cat man, Bliss the chipper happiness, Hissy, Brat and…hm, throw the ex-bad guy(Azzie), his fangirls and his awesome serial killing sword for good measure.

Yup, he won’t stand a chance. X3


i dont hate him! i want to see him whip out the freaking guns and obliterate beyond all recognition! because…he is as unsuspecting as they come…



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