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You Tell Us

I think Wiglaf’s fangirls should get a tag of their own. But I haven’t decided yet. La la.

Hm. Not much is new really, been super busy lately between work and church functions all week. Hopefully it slows down a little.

Though I did manage to squeeze in some comic time; yay Tim Drake!  *pets Robin comics*

*stretch* And that’s about it from me. :happy:

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Wanna Be My Lover” by La Bouche


Ha! Yay for the fangirls! ^_^

Lancelot looks funny with that sheepish smile. Too bad Driver is stuck having to play hostess now that Wiglaf and Mordred sneaked out. Maybe Hissy will keep her company. XD


Hmm, has Lancelot got freckles or is his face forever spattered with mud from all his agricultural experiments?
Also I think Driver is missing an opportunity… she should flirt outragiously with Lancelot until she can steal the seeds of his Black roses then use them to bribe Mordred!


Sorry Ladies, he’s taken by the pik haired one.
Though not in the way you are thinking ;)


Pink* god I can’t spell to save my life.

great comic n.n

And Mordred really needs to remember what happens when he goes out in public with Wiglaf.


lol “who’s that girl he’s with”

I knew there would be more consiquences to that pink hair xD


Hey Liliy, just recently read through your archives, and I love this comic.

And if Driver doesn’t want him, I’ll take Lancelot. Evil genius, waves and waves of gorgeous hair, ruffled shirt… I’m there.


Lol, I think Mordred secretly likes going out in public with Wiglaf, because after listening to all the fangirls, he feels better because he’s basically got Wiglaf all to himself. :P


haha! if the fangirls got a tag of their own would you just see voices going on about how hot Wiglaf is?lol


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