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You Thought He’d Be Pretty?

I have been waiting an agonizingly long time for this page. :injured:

This is why I don’t plan ahead. I torture myself with characters that are half introduced. *hugs Grace* You’re the proof Azzy isn’t crazy~ Aren’t you? Aren’t you? You sickly, manipulative thing you~

Anyway – in case you missed it we’ve started a new volume. I promise you Azrael & Grace’s backstory (and thus filling you in on how Azrael is able to stay toe-to-toe with Wiglaf) and Mordred & Wiglaf actually do something non family related for once. XD Huzzah! Stay tuned for some fun. :D

And watch me rip my hair out trying not to fall into angst land. *_* It could be so easy…so very easy. *smacks self* Light hearted comic. Light hearted comic.

….I made a paper doll of Hong Kong from an on line template. Isn’t he adorable!?

And oh! I’m back on schedule. Even if it is a couple hours late. XD We’ll just ignore that I finished coloring Wed. (*cough went up Thursday*)’s comic a few hours ago. Heh.

Why am I still awake? *_*

ALSO: I’m going to be on TGT Webcomics Saturday! at 9PM ET. Hope to see you there!  :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Y Te Vas” by Motel


wooooowwwwwww….. oddly enough, Grace’s appearance doesn’t bother me. i just wanna know his story!!!
course…. i have drawn really creepy pictures of characters and disturbed myself prior to this…. compared to some of my freaky drawings, Grace is actually like a GQ cover boy.

*hides in the corner… with chips to enjoy watching everything. xD*


Hooray! Not only does it turn out that my crackpot theory was right, but the result is much more awesome than ever imagined. O_o =)


Well you’d certainly expect someone named Grace to be pretty.
Though I personally don’t think he looks very creepy, either. :|


Oh my God, this volume is going to be about Azreal and Grace?! :love: Finally, I’ve been wondering about them ever since I started reading this!

And Grace is perfect, by the way. Way cooler than how I imagined him.


Well now that’s creepy.

I wonder if Sedrick could actually carry out his occasional death threats on Azrael… Malevolent specters are rather curious things.

As a note, I do like the choice to not have Grace’s text centered, it gives a very interesting quality to his ‘voice’.


And here I am, thinking he was kind of sexy in that undead sort of way.

I’m not kidding. >.> I love him even more now that I can hear him! :D


*clicks on WAM in his search bar, happily expecting something pretty*

Lets see what good madam liliy made for us today :$

*Pic loads*

What da far? :gasp:

Holy mother of the twin gods…Im scared now. O_o

*starts to type comment*


Well, I thought HE would be a SHE. And a lot prettier. Welp, after that comment Grace is probobly gonna haunt and kill me, TWICE. Yep, it can make sense, just use your head. For people too lazy to actually use their heads, Grace will kill me in the living world, and then “kill” me in heaven (or the underworld, limbo, ect.)…but I doubt Grace could get in to heaven. :happy: .


Oooooh…. I think I understand a reason Azrael may be desperate to keep the sword around… When he has the sword, he tends to look at it when he converses. Without the sword, does he have to look at Grace-the-demon-thing to converse? Does Grace appear to Azrael if Azrael is not touching the sword?

Also, what does Grace have against Wiglaf, that he feels the need to “send his love”? Is he–? Oh $%&@! No! Holy— no! Liliy, you didn’t, did you? Is Grace the spirit of Grendel? Are you plaguing this Wiglaf with that Wiglaf’s inheritance of curses from Beowulf? *Panicking.*

*Hides under a rock.* …you could have warned a person… *Terrified.*


I’m half tempted to replace my idea with that Grendel one. XD


Please DON’T.

Seriously. I can deal with Grace being anything else (which is saying something, since I can’t remember what he’s supposed to be, if you even told), but Grace-as-Grendel scares the living daylights out of me.

Do. Not. Want.
*Cold and shivering.*


No likey Grendel? XD


XD No. No likey Grendel. XD


But, you see, none of that would banish a spirit.
No likey Grace-as-Grendel. :*(


Ha ha ha. If it makes you feel better; Grace is probably worse. XD At least Grendel had an excuse to complain about the noise when he did stuff~


*Laughing uncontrollably* Don’t hold back, KGJ. Tell us how you REALLY feel about Grendel. *falls over laughing* Seriously, thanks for the laugh. :happy:


Whoa, your portrait really took me by surprise. I was like “What the hell is that thing?!” XD

Interesting design for Grace the Ghost. Those eyes, hair and that costume really grab attention. Somebody call the Ghostbusters!

So this is the spirit possessing Azrael’s rapier. (Unless maybe he only exists in Azrael’s schizophrenic mind) But why does he choose to hang around Azrael? It would be interesting to know if the ghost’s influence helps to fuel Azrael’s violent streak. We’ll see.


Oh my. o.O I really thought he would be pretty, didn’t I ? Oh well, I love Grace’s design and Azrael is my favorite character, so this page IS AWESOME. 8D

Oh, since this is my first comment, I probably have to say that I really love this comic ~<3 (Been reading it for half an year but too lazy to comment).


Haha, at first glace I thought it was a freaky-undead Mordred pinup or something. xD I had to think for about five minutes before I finally realized “Holy crap, it’s Grace!”

I like how he looks. Really cool, in a ghostly sorta way. =D


I guess I thought I knew he was pretty, cause I thought he was just a talking sword :\.
Ooh,ooh! I think I know how Gawain can hear Grace! It’s cause they’re both dead right? Of course then, who is grace the ghost of? (azzy’s dad/other relative mebbe? Big brother?) I’m so happy to finally have something to wild-spec about in this comic ^_^


Considering what they were doing in the closet that one time, I sincerley hope Grace isn’t related that closely to Azreal 0_0


I think Grace is my new favorite character. But he doesn’t have a character page :( I’m actually really glad that Grace isn’t “pretty” because it would have been…disappointing?There is already a lot of pretty characters (not that I’m complaining) it’s nice for a change.


What do you MEAN, he’s not pretty? I see only prettiness here. I mean, really.

…I think I’m stealing that sword. :P


Whoa. I’ve been following this comic for a long time and, honestly, being a lurker.

This page totally drove me out of lurkland.

It’s awesome. I’m fangirling over here. Love it.


I totally /did/ think he would be pretty! :gasp:
And Azreal doesn’t look to happy there with Grace…D:


I very much like the way it’s clear that the specter and sword aren’t separate entities; how Grace-phantom issues from near the tip of Grace-sword and wraps around it once or twice before curving behind and around to talk to Azrael, coming back next to the hilt of Grace-sword; not-so-coincidentally completely enclosing Azrael. Spooky. And how either Grace-phantom’s neck is too long for a (living) human, or else his shoulder is at an unnatural angle. His left hand/arm is certainly “relaxed” in a position that wouldn’t be comfortable. How cool is that? Thanks Lily, this one’s awesome.


call me weird, but I actually think Grace is quite pretty, even though ghosty. (those eyes are so cool)
I’m really happy Grace is existant, this makes things a looot more interesting. Grace looks awesome.

Wait a second… before wasn’t there a few jokes of Azrael and his sword…………. ermm…. wonder how this will play out.


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