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You’ll Want Popcorn

Woah…feeling a little dizzy from lack of sleep lately. Color later.

Edit: Feeling better today. Was still busy when I woke up, but it’s not so bad. Enjoy color!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Whispers in the Dark” by Skillet


Don’t overdo it. ^_^; Those two seem to be taking this all very seriously. XD And what was wrong with leaving Gawain with Galen? He’s immortal; he could’ve taken it… XD


You know, I really hope you’ll tell; us more about Grace soon. I’m reeeaaallly looking forward to that~


You and me both. XD The way things are going, part of his big secret’ll show up during this story Volume. ^^

And then Grace might get his cast page. XD


Now THAT I want to see XD My mind is coming up with loads of weird ideas regarding Grace atm…. If he has/had a human(ish) form, I’m sooo drawing Azrael x Grace fanart~ >:3


I like how wary Hnaef is in panel 5, and Azrael looks real funny too. XD I’m sure it will be funny to see Sedrick try to rile up Arthur. Popcorn time! ^_^

You’re really starting to add more and more depth to Grace. It’ll be great to see where you go with it.


I love the way that no matter how serious Hnaef tries to be, he’s still just as adorable as ever. Actually, trying to be serious makes him even cuter.

It’s also weird, but not unwelcome how amazingly sexy Sedrick is looking lately. Way to go! ;]


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