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Your Room, His House

Sedrick is truly a tyrant.

He won’t brush Arthur’s hair. XD

*yawn* Nothing more to say.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“There’s Always Another Rainbow” from My Little Pony: The Movie


I love that this came out on my birthday! I even got to see you make it. :D yaaaaaaaay~

Also, Sedrick does realize he’s talking to the elder Garrott who is willing to exit retirement for a little bloodshed, correct? But i suppose he heard enough of that conversation to know there wouldn’t be too much intervention…


What, did he put a load of explosives under the stables or something? He truly thinks he can order Mr. Garrott around without worrying about being garrotted for his uppityiness? oO


….Teasing us again, Liliy? I seem to recall a scene from a long-ago U-Stream hinting at this…

Oh, Sedrick, you are one brave little man…


wait… you mean they aren’t gay for each other?

i thought he was the reverse of his sister in a bunch of ways including sexuality.


AGH! Arthur’s sexy unbrushed hair + restrained + Seddy’s sexy pose/smug look combo and + comment about Seddy’s bedroom = BRAIN EXPLOSION. +500 Damage!
In other Non-fangirl related news,
Mr. Garrott you meany! Tempting your eldest son with freedom? So evil villain like!! Yet it’s somehow sweet that he offered to critique Arthur’s escape plan. Well, sweet for the world’s greatest super villain! :) I wonder what his paternity test results looked like… lols!


Wow, Sedrick has really gone berserk. Attempting to challenge Mr. Garrott is not something to take lightly.

Mr. Garrott’s attempt to gauge his son’s ability to escape on his own is an interesting hint of the type of relationship he maintains with his children.


Master Garrott is so amazing every time he shows up!

Oh, uh, intelligent comment,right. I don’t think Sedrick of all people would be dumb enough to upset Arthur Sr. He’s being polite and never said he couldn’t come back, or anything. No, I am not just saying these things because a teamup would be the most epic thing ever. XD


I just have to say it: Sedrick, LIKE A BOSS, man. There. Now I’m going to go drown in my own shame.


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