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You’re Getting Too Nice, Azzie

Wow, this is up late. I’m sorry about that guys. It almost didn’t get done at all though. *rubs eyes*

Saturday I was social, Sunday I was super drained from being social & today my computer crashed so hard it shut down by itself and then didn’t turn on for a bit. So uh. Technical difficulties plus tired = late strip.

Hopefully we’re all back on track tomorrow for Wednesday’s WaM. o_o;

Thanks for being patient with me!

Edit: Thanks to all this lateness, I’m thrown off my groove. WaM’ll be up late on Wednesday (and probably Friday), but there will be a strip. It’ll just be at the end of the day instead of the start. Thanks!

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Awww Azrael’s little smile in the last panel! No matter how much he may deny it, he really doesn’t hate Wiglaf anymore


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