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Yum, Cake

And thus ends the oh so wonderful Garrott Family arc. Wiglaf and Mordred will be joining us on Wednesday. Celebrate!

And if you’re curious, my favorite panels are the ones with pink backgrounds. Ha ha. Arthur and Security won today’s strip. Unless of course you’re a Sedrick fan.

Either way, I wish I had some cake. But I don’t. *sigh*


“Yum, Cake?” I don’t get it… XD

Excellent work on this one, though. Sedrick’s reaction to Security is the best so far. And I kind of dislike Arthur in this one; all of the Garrott’s are so stupid. XD


*rereads* Yes… that makes sense now. Did I mention that I’m extremely tired? *_* And that I’m tempted to get this framed if you ever offer it as a print? XD


“Boo.” ROFL Security steals the scene again! He’s showing his mischievous side again. I love it. ^_^

Also good work showing Arthur whimpering and gaining Sedrick’s sympathy. The whole interaction between them is funny.


Kay is all caught up now.

When you first told me about this whole Sedrick lying idea many, many moons ago, you failed to mention that Arthur would be clever enough to see through the deceit. I like it better this way. Entrapment is much fun.

The cake is a lie.


*Grins.* Sedrick likes repeating himself. “Ah!” “AHHH!”

Dang it, Security, you and your nefarious purposes! Who’s your employer, hmm? Is it Boudicea? Is it Mother? Is it Brat? Who’s your handler? Is it Hnaef?

Next comic is comic 100. Congratulations on making it so far, Liliy!


You know, Sedrick looks like me as a boy, I have brown hair like that,and my left eye is messed up from surgery so I leave it closed a lot because it’s sensitive.

He could be my estranged brother…


…The more I watch these two, the more they look like a married couple. ‘No more lying to each other, honey!’ ‘Okay, sweetie, I’m sorry. I overreacted.’ See?

…And I do believe Arthur is the wife. :P


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