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Yup, He’s Married

July is proving to be a very busy month. With all the family visiting, and friends actually inviting me out and over, and vacations…it’s amazing I’m getting anything done.

And I still have to go to work today. Joy.

Poor Horatio, take his boss away and he no longer finds meaning in life.

And yes, he’s named after an American Revolutionary War General.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Battle Hymn of the Republic”


I thought you named it after William Shakespear’s story “Hamlet,” or after “CSI Miami,” Horatio Caine.


The first name came from Hamlet, the last name from the General. But the General’s full name is “Horatio Gates” so he’s named after both. XD


And of course we all know the “great evil” was Janus and that this is Geoff’s company we’re talking about.

Also, “Gates”? I know he was named after an entirely different person, but I can’t help but think of Bill Gates. xD;;


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