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The Golden Barber, Alistair

The Golden Barber, Alistair

Alistair Driver

Age: 40

Current Goal: Find a Date.

First Appearance: 262. Red Collar

Bio: Father to Driver and servant of Arthur Garrott, Sr, Alistair tends to have his hands full. However, he takes it with stride and a smile.

Alistair became a father when he was 16 thanks to a spur of the moment affair with the lovely (and much older) Mrs. Valkyrie. When he found out he was going to be a daddy, he insisted on having custody.

While raising little Driver, Alistair spent his time being a chauffeur to the head of the Garrott family.

In his spare time, he earned the name ‘The Golden Barber” for his side jobs as a hit man thanks to his trademark method of lobbing heads off with a butcher knife.

He earned the title ‘Barber’ because his favorite ditty to hum while chasing down victims is “Shave and a Hair Cut, Two Bits”

Author Notes: The Garrott family is built on groups of loyal families. So it only made sense that Driver’s parents both worked for the generation of super villains before her. ¬†Alistair is particularly fun to write in that he’s got a generally cheery personality despite his work.


Alistair also happens to be one of the few characters in WaM not named after some historical/mythical/literary figure. His name came out of a baby book. Alistair means ‘Defender of Mankind’ or ‘Man’s Defender’

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