Cast – Arthur

The Hero, Wiglaf

The Brother, Arthur

Arthur Garrott

Age: 31 28

Current Goal: Be King

First Appearance: 16. ‘Ello There

Bio: Mordred’s older brother. He’s suave, sophisticated, handsome and good at what he does. With his loyal lackey (aka best friend) Sedrick by his side since childhood, there’s little he can’t accomplish.

His pride is his ability to tame and master everything dealing with dragons, while his biggest weakness is his ‘brother complex’ over Mordred.

The only person to ever cause his plans to fail is the mighty hero Wiglaf, who much to his distain is traveling with his beloved younger brother

Author Notes: Arthur entered the works for Wiglaf and Mordred fairly early. I felt it was only proper to have an ‘Arthur’ in the story line since I had a ‘Mordred,’ only instead of playing the role of his Father, we have a doting older brother.

He also entered the stage to give Mordred something to be compared to- where Mordred fails, Arthur succeeds. The brother complex was added to help round him out as a person and a character.

Currently, Arthur is my favorite of the Garrott siblings, which is probably why he was the first of the other three siblings to be introduced.

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