Cast – Azrael

The Angel, Azrael

The Angel, Azrael


Age: 27

Current Goal: Bestow Grace to All

First Appearance: 32. Brother Complex

Bio: Known on the battlefield as “The Angel of Death,” Azrael loves nothing more than blood and carnage. As far as he’s concerned, the battle isn’t over until everything breathing (aside from his personal troops) is dead.

Azrael is most famous for his rapier, “Grace” of whom he has pledged his love (platonic, of course).

Though, aside from his sword – it’s not odd to see Azrael being trailed by the Valkyrie Sisters (Sigrdrífa, Sváfa, and Brynhildr)of whom have pledged their loyalty to only the Angel of Death

Author Notes: Azrael showed up at first just to display that Arthur and Janus did actually indeed command troops, but before I knew it he demanded more attention and became my gateway to introduce not only a competitor for Wiglaf, but three new female members to the cast.

Though, I think the introduction of Grace is what really made him win me over (and deliver him more page time). And the fact Grace is considered a ‘male’ sword makes it all the more fun. If only because I think it’s not what most would expect.

As far as his name went, Azrael literally means ‘Angel of Death’ and I thought it was a fitting title. Not to mention aside from murder and violence, Azrael is very conservative in his actions and morals- which I felt reflected nicely with the ‘Angel’ theme. It was a good combination and has a nice sound to it when spoken.

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