Cast – Bliss

The Candy, Bliss

The Candy, Bliss

The Orb of Bliss

Age: Unkown

Current Goal: Find a Master for Life

First Appearance: 417. One Phone Call Later

Bio: Bliss has had the misfortune of being passed from master to master on a fairly frequent basis. So much so, they’ve created a Certificate of Authenticity to explain what she does in order to entice new masters to purchase her before realizing what they’re getting into.

Bliss has the ability to nullify any and all magic within a 20ft (Approx. 6.1m) ┬áradius of her Orb. ┬áThis includes disabling magical artifacts such as Gawain’s pendant and Azrael’s own Sword of Grace.

However wonderful that ability is, most can’t keep up with her constantly cheery personality. And if the personality doesn’t get to them, the fact she makes most rocks seem intelligent just might. Her fellow Artifacts aren’t fond of her either as she’s the only one of the artifacts who can successfully disable the rest of them without a sweat.

Thankfully, her latest Master just may be apathetic enough to tolerate her presence.

Author Notes: Bliss is just fun. Everything from her perky pink outfit, to her happy go-lucky, simpleton attitude is just fun to write. She also serves as a wonderful foil to the grumpy and psychotic abuser, Grace.

Her name is a pun on ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ and her outfit was heavily inspired by Victorian fashion.

Plus, her design reminds me of Cotton Candy. And anything that reminds me of Cotton Candy is good. Love Cotton Candy.

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