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The Nice one, Boudica

The Nice One, Boudica

Boudica Garrott

Age: 26

Current Goal: Remember her next concert date.

First Appearance: 127. And Off They Go

Bio: Boudica is the third child of the Garrott family. Unlike her siblings, she has no interest in villainy or world domination.

As such, she’s developed a bubbly, friendly personality that makes her loved by just about everyone.

Boudica is currently a very successful concert pianist thanks to her manager Margaret who keeps her on track.

Author Notes: Out of the Garrott siblings, at least one of them had to be nice. The odds were just in that favor.

Though, she didn’t start out this overly simpleminded. If she had been introduced earlier when Mordred and Wiglaf were still in their, more ‘dumb’ stage at the start, she probably would have been more level headed. But as it is, my simple characters started to filter out and I felt the need for Boudica to fill that role. Not everyone can have ulterior motives and multiple layers of depth. It’s nice to have a character who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Boudica is named after the Iceni Queen of the same name. She was named by a friend and I rather liked it.

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